Four Spring Trends You Shouldn’t Skip in 2013

While this isn’t a fashion blog, it is difficult  to pass up an opportunity to highlight what we see brewing in newness of the year. While some trends are timeless (Hello diamond studs ) others are special that only have meaning  within a special context (read on!)

Below, we explore four spring trends that you should not skip. While there are currently many more that we could explore, it would take the fun out of your Vogue and JCK magazines! Most fashion magazines highlight these trends before the previous year is over, our desire to see a quick end to winter and celebration of an early spring is the true inspiration  for  our exploration of these trends.


The Pantone color of the year is Emerald, and it is present in just about everything, from clothing to house wares to jewelry. This vibrant color is most easily recognized in the precious stone of the same name. The most well-known fact is that an emerald gem will always show visible inclusions, in fact any emerald without inclusions is suspected to be synthetic or imitation. Green is the color of spring, and represents birth, change and newness (No wonder money is represented in this color!)


Out of all the trends, snakes are the most unique and have the most significance. The Chinese Zodiac is present this year through the representation of the Snake. While only surfacing once every 12 years, the hold it will have this year is powerful. Known as being ruthless and cunning, wearing a snake, whether as a bracelet or earrings can help you to channel your inner Omarosa.


A jeweled collar can be added to just about anything for a pop of class. While the material varies,  metal and fabric have been hugely popular, accented with beads, gemstones, and textures of all kinds. Also connected with this trend is the collared t-shirt, which is accented to give the appearance of a necklace, but takes the guesswork out of pairing jewelry with your outfit!

Cherry Blossoms

Middle Georgian know cherry blossoms. We also know pink as a result. The annual Cherry Blossom Festival keeps us ahead of the current trend through cherry blossom themed jewelry, from rings to necklaces to bracelets, all for the tiny pink bud! While only a couple of weeks away, the Cherry Blossom Festival is a great place to pick up a signature piece. 

For more ideas and trends that we love , go over to our Pinterest board for inspiration.

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